Shopping destination for women with cancer

Shopping destination for women with cancer

Discover the largest selection of specialized products: chemo scarves and caps, hair prostheses, skincare, gifts,… All our products are designed to meet the needs of women who, like you, are living with cancer .

A unique collection of products to help women take care of themselves before, during and after your treatments.

Chemo Scarves

Chemo Beanies

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Hair Replacement

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All the products available in our cancer shopping destination meet the needs of women undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Our collection includes more than fifty chemo scarves, chemo caps and chemo beanies. All of our headwear can be worn with our without hair bands. Our hair band extensions can be dyed, cut and styled. An advantage that allows you to faithfully reproduce the haircut you had before your hair loss.

Our specialized cancer store also offers skincare and body care products for women undergoing treatments. Essential products to help you face your chemotherapy treatments in style.

Sibelle partners with the Canadian Cancer Society and contributes financially to support people affected by cancer.